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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A New Resolution...

I had another solid night playing 2/4 tonight, ending the night up about $75 in a little over 300 hands. I two-tabled and played a SnG at the same time, so I'm starting to regain my confidence enough to multi-table. I can't say that I played perfectly or as well as I'd like to. In fact, I'm sure I misplayed some hands, but that happens every time you play poker and I posted a few, so hopefully I can learn from my mistakes.

Now, the bad news. I had a horrendous night tonight on FullTilt. After being up to a little over $900 on that site after I won that tournament and being as high as $800+ even after I withdrew $175 for Christmas presents I was down to $590 or so at the start of the night and it just got worse and worse. I lost about $20 playing SnG's. Three I didn't cash in due to getting my money in with the best and getting drawn out on. One I won and one 2-table one I doubled up early, then donked off half my stack with AQ and made it to the 2nd table shortstacked and eventually pushed and lost. It wasn't a memorable beat, so I'll assume it wasn't too horrible, but I'd guess I lost on the river. Anyway, later I decided to play NL cash games. I played a .5/1 table with $20 playing the shortstack strategy and ended up ending my session up about $4. Then, on the other table I was playing full buy-in .25/.50 and I lost two buyins.

I was up to about $60 when I raise UTG with JJ got called in like 2 places, then one of the blinds went all-in for about $7 total and I pushed in to isolate. Unfortunately both of the other players called me (luckily they had shorter stacks) one had 99, the other QQ and the broke player had AJ...well, then just to tease me, the deck decided to give me the case J on the flop, then river a third Q so that I could lose half my stack in spectacular fashion. Then, a couple of hands later I flopped two pair with Qs9s on a flop of AQ9 all clubs, I pushed in like a dumbass after a raise and a re-raise and of course the re-raiser called me with a flush. So, that was the first $50 down the drain.

Then the very next hand after I rebought, I got 8s9s in the big blind and called a raise to $2 by the small blind, one other player called and we saw a flop of QsJc4s, I bet a little less than half the pot and both players called. Then, the turn was the Tc and I'd made the 2nd nut straight and had a flush re-draw just in case I was beat. I bet out $6 really hoping to get my whole stack in, the MP players just called, but the SB re-raised me to $15 and I insta-raised all-in. Of course he called with AK, I missed my flush on the river and that was another $50 down the drain.

So, I've decided to 1) stop playing cash game NL completely for awhile. I may not actually suck at it, but it sure seems that way. It just doesn't seem to be my game. I win a lot of small pots, but always seem to get my ass kicked in big pots. Then again, maybe the FullTilt poker gods just hate me, I do seem to get sucked out on a lot. At any rate, I'm not gonna play NL cash anymore, I'm just bleeding off money. 2) I'm on a bad run in tourneys lately, so I'm gonna take some time off from playing those on FT. 3) I'm not really running very well in SnG's either, so I've withdrawn $200 from my account and I've got 25 buy-ins for $10+1 SnG's left on the site. If I play on FT I will play $10+1's and I won't play anything else on that site until I've played 100 $10+1's.

I'm not sure whether I'm going to deposit the $200 on another site, or just leave it in Neteller for awhile. I really haven't decided yet. I should probably bonus-whore a little with it. I'm also toying with the idea of withdrawing some money from Party in the hopes that they'll offer me a reload bonus. In fact, I think I'll go ahead and do that, though I'm a little leery of letting money sit in Neteller for any extended period of time, I think I trust my money to them even less than I trust it to the poker sites, which is probably just silly...I dunno.

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