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Thursday, December 01, 2005

I'm Back in Black Baby!

I've started playing a little 2/4 again and I'm finally posting solid wins and feeling pretty good about the way I'm playing. I've probably played about 4-500 hands in the past couple days and I've won somewhere around $150-$200. I think what has really helped is that I've been 1-tabling it and really concentrating on making the right decisions in every hand. I'll be doing other things and playing other games, but I'm only playing one-table of 2/4 at a time and I really think that that's helped me to concentrate on each and every hand I play. I've also been paying much closer attention to what hands I'm playing from what positions and trying not to get involved with dominated hands out of position. I'm obviously nowhere near where I'd like to be overall, and I think it will be a long time before I feel like I'm beating 2/4 at a high enough rate that I can move up. I also need to get into six-max play at some point since that's where the money is at higher levels and I need to learn to play shorthanded pots anyway. I just don't feel comfortable there right now and I need to keep working on my game and reading all the material I can get ahold of. Right now though, I think I really am burned out because I don't even have any desire to study my poker materials, let alone the law school finals that are coming up in two weeks and that I need to start studying for. Oh well, I'm just going to keep on grinding. I'd say that my goals and dreams of being able to support myself playing poker within a couple of years are probably a little unrealistic at the moment, however I do think that I have the potential and the ability to get there eventually and I just need to keep plugging away and trying to play the best poker I can everytime I sit down to a table, and also trying to study as much as I can.

My bankroll would probably be a little higher tonight except that I decided to try a $50+5 SnG on Party and I couldn't find any hands and ended up going out 9th. I recouped some of those losses by finishing 2nd in a $10+1, but I'm still stuck for the night on SnG play and I probably won't play anymore of those $50+5's for a while. They probably could be +EV for me if I put enough time and effort into them, but I really would rather work on my limit game right now and I feel more comfortable grinding on those tables, then risking a nice sized chunk of my bankroll on each SnG I sit down to.

Approximately $2280


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