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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Finally Starting to Understand Shorthanded Variance

In my last 1200 hands I've dropped 120 BB. Slightly more disconcerting is that I haven't had a winning month in cash games since April and it looks like it's gonna be mighty hard to pull this one out now. I'm gonna keep playing though and try to pull through. I don't think I'm playing badly really. Sure, I make some mistakes here and there and I get a bit tilty every now and then, which does add up, but on the whole I'd say I have an edge over my average opponent in the games I've been playing. I've just been running really badly. Perfect exampled hand; I'm in the BB with QhTh, folded to SB who raises, he's been raising my blind alot, so I re-raise, he caps and I call...flop comes some like 862 with 2 hearts, he bets I raise, he 3-bets, I cap (probably a mistake), turn blank, he checks, I bet, he raises, river blank he bets, I fold. I missed every out I had in that hand...sure I could have played it a little less aggressively, but I was operating on the assumption that he didn't have to have much and I doubt he did, I think any Q, T or diamond would have been good there.

Tonight I played 220 hands and I think I saw only 2 premium pairs. I'm not hitting hands when I need to often enough, I'm getting coolered alot and I'm getting raised and re-raised every time I try to bluff. It sucks, but I'm not gonna dwell on it. I'm gonna play my 5k hands this month, I'm at 2200 at the moment so I've got some work to get in. I'm gonna see where I am after that. If my Party account gets down to $300 or $400, I'll likely hit up .5/1 for a while and try to grind my way up, maybe working on my multi-tabling while I'm at it. That's still more than 100 BB away and hopefully I can pull out of this downswing before that happens.

Just wanted to add, my total bankroll is not 200 BB for 2/4 limit, I have some money on other sites, though not as much as I'd like because I haven't final-tabled a tourney (outside of the Party 40k a couple weeks ago) in quite a while. Even so, I have a bankroll that is overall capable of sustaining 2/4, it's just not all on Party and I figure I should drop down if go on a 200 BB downswing anyway so that I can work on my game some.


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