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Saturday, August 12, 2006

On Tilt

I wrote the below in response to a post about Tilt on FCP. I think it deserves memorializing here in the blog.

I steam much more easily playing SH LHE online than I do playing LHE live. Not exactly sure why, but it could have something to do with playing more hands and seeing more beats at a time. I think I'm starting to improve a little though. The other night I was playing and felt myself tilting a bit and once I managed pull out of it I think I got a bit of it back, but still quit down for the night.

The next day I played a session where nothing went right and I didn't tilt at all. I realized that I was running bad and there was nothing I could do but make good decisions. I really felt like I had turned the corner a little bit. Tonight, I was playing live and one of the first hand I played I called a raise out of the BB with JTo and flopped top two pair. I checked b/c the original raiser was just to my left and I wanted to check/raise, he bet, then and MP player raised and I went ahead and 3-bet. The original raiser then called 2 bets cold. We checked it around on the blank turn (a mistake on my part, I really should have bet for value, though it really wouldn't have mattered); anyway, the river was a Q and I check/called and the original raiser showed AK for the rivered gutterball. The MP player had JT also and looked and acted really pissed, I just smiled and told the guy "nice hand." And, amazingly I didn't feel angry at all. Again I felt like I'd turned a corner a little bit.

The point of all of that is that I'm starting to think that one of the keys to not tilting may be getting used to taking beats, realizing you're not always going to win when you should (mathematically) and really taking a step back after a bad beat and realized what you could have done better or just consoling yourself by realizing that you played it right and there was nothing you could have done. This is hard to do online sometimes because you're playing multiple tables and there's another hand right there, but I really think that giving yourself a moment to consider the hand can be really really helpful.


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