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Friday, August 25, 2006

A Micro Limit Superstar...

That's what I seem to be. A micro limit superstar. It's pretty sick when you think about it really. I got home from work today and 3-tabled .5/1 6-max for a while. I played a bit over 300 hands and won $44. Yes kids, that's 44 BB in about an hour. How fucking sick is that? The players aren't discernibly worse than at 2/4, in fact one table I was on had a bunch of TAGs, but for some reason I seem to run fine at .5/1 and not so much at higher levels. Well, one thing I did notice is that it seemed like less hands went to showdown than a 2/4. Maybe that's something I should examine in my game. It's possible that I bluff too much with overcards and get called down a little too much. Not really sure I need to examine the went to showdown percentage on multiple levels and see if that might be a leak. But, it did seem that there were less showdowns at .5/1 both on my strong hands and my bluffs.

Oh well, guess it's back to 2/4 next session since I certainly didn't seem to be in a downswing on the .5/1 game. We'll see if that carries over. If not, well then I've probably got leaks that need ot be examined. At least I'll always have my status as a micro-limit superstar though. I'll always be able to beat the weakest games online and live. I guess that's something to hang my hat on.


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