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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Quick Brag Post

I finally beat a NL cash game for a solid score tonight and boy did it feel good. I went out to Argosy hoping to play 10/20, but unfortunately there wasn't a game going and they never did start one (even though the interest list seemed long enough to me...strange are the ways of poker room management). Anyhow, since I couldn't play 10/20 I ended up playing $1-$3 NL instead. I bought in for the $300 max and won a hand early, then lost some to get down a little, then I started winning and big. Little by little I ground my may up, I don't really remember how I got there, but I remember noticing after about 4 hours that I'd doubled my money and then some. Then, about 5-5.5 hours in the big hand came up.

I limped with Ad8d and the flop came 88A with 2 clubs. I smooth called another players' $10 flop bet and so did at least 2 others. Then, it checked to me on the 9d turn and I bet $20 and got called by 3 people. The river came a 3c completing a possible flush and it checked to me and I bet $80, one player called and showed his Kc2c for the losing flush and I raked a huge pot. That pot and a couple other small ones after it put me up to $1k on the table. Unfortunately, I didn't leave then, and I lost some back before finally cashing out $775 about 7.5 hours after I started. Still a very nice score for 7.5 hours of work all in all I felt pretty good about the way I played. I then proceeded to take $75 of my winnings and turn it into $160 on a blackjack table, so I walked out of the casino with $560 worth of profit on the night. If I could do that every night, there'd be no excuse for me to not go pro.

Any way you slice though, I'm now certain that I will go to the WSOP Circuit Event in Louisville. I now have plenty of money in my live roll for the cash games and almost enough to buy into the $550 tourney that I want to play. I may still try to see if I can get a stake for half though.


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