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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2nd to Last Table....Soooo Standard

The Good news...

I had a +$300 day today and I'm officially robusto again after losing a bunch and cashing some out at the beginning of the month, I'm back up over $1600 not including my outstanding sports bets on Bodog (which include a $100 bet on the Chargers that I placed for my friend, and some others).

I played 5 tables of 2/4 FR and 1/2 SH for about 2 hours tonight and finished that up about $230 for 820 hands. That was pretty exciting. I really feel like playing a mix helps a lot. I'm probably a little bit better EV at the FR, but I think I clear more rakeback at 6-max, so mixing them together works well. Lately I've been playing 3 2/4 tables and 2 1/2 tables and I think that's a pretty ideal setup. Plus, I can get 400-500 hands in in a pretty short time, so there's not much excuse for me to not get in a decent number of hands on most days.

I cashed in 2 out of 3 tournaments I played tonight. In the FT Midnight Madness, I squeaked into the money, then picked up JJ right after the bubble and managed to double up the guy on my right who had AA. After that I was micro-stacked and ended up putting the rest of my chips in with A6s in the BB and lost to QQ. At least I won $6. I didn't do so well in the 1 am $12k on FT, donking out in the very first hand I played. I limped JTs UTG, then ended up shoving the turn on a board of KQ5x and losing to 55. Yeah, I'm an idiot.

I did hit a very nice run of cards in the Stars Midnight $22 and was even the chipleader for a while, but eventually things came to a crashing halt in that one too. I was in very good shape at 76k with about 30 or so players left when MP make it 8k (blinds 2k/4k) and I shoved from the BB with QQ, he agonized for a while and eventually called off 30k more with 88, of course he flopped quads, so that was a kick in the nuts. I managed to rebound though and made it to the next to last table in decent shape. Won a couple of pots and was like 5/13 when my bustout hand came...

MP had been opening a lot of pots and made it 12k (blinds 2k/4k) and I elected to call on the button with KdQd. The flop came Qs7d3d and we got it all in, he had AhQh and I bricked out. Blah, in hindsight I guess I could have folded pre-flop, but I think that might be a bit too tight. He HAD been opening a lot of pots, so I don't hate my call with KQs and of course it pretty much plays itself after the flop. Just sucks to get that close to decent money again and be knocked back. UGH.

Oh well, overall I stil had a very good poker day.


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