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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bodog and 5th place in an MTT

I haven't updated this thing in a little while, and I have a few things to share from the weekend. On friday night, I had my best ever finish in an MTT. I played the 1 am $5.50 buy-in tourney on FullTilt. 297 players started and I finished 5th. It was my first final table, so I was stoked about that, but I'm also pretty pissed, because I think I probably could have won if I didn't get unlucky at the final table. The tourney chip leader was playing like a maniac most of the way and I'd gotten him to double me up twice with less than 30 left, which I managed to ride into the Final Table. Then, at the final table with 5 left and me 3rd in chips, I picked up KK in the BB with the chipleader directly to my right. It folded around to him and he raised. I re-raised the size of the pot, which was a little more than half my stack basically committing me to the pot, but I wanted him to double me up and my read said he might fold to an all-in. He called and we took a flop of T9x. He bet the rest of my stack and I called, and he showed me 86o for a gutshot straight draw. I'm not 80% to win the hand and be a close 2nd in chips. I figure from here, I should be able to win, since I rate myself to be about the best player at the table. Unfortunately, the turn is a 7 filling his straight and sending me to the rail in 5th for a $100 profit. Tough way to go out, but it really gave me confidence that I'm capable of doing well in MTTs.

Since I won all that money, I decided to take it to Bodog, and get another bonus through PSO. This should buy me two more poker books from my wish list. Plus, I can bet on sports through Bodog, which could be either a good thing or a bad thing. I have a feeling my biggest leak could end up being my desire to make prop bets all the time, but only time will tell on that. Anyhow, I have to clear 150 Bodog points to get my bonus, which works out to 100 $5 SnGs or 50 $10 ones if I play those exclusively. Bodog doesn't have a lot of limit tables, so I will probably play mostly SnGs, although I did sit down at a $.5/$1 table on there tonight and won $12, and cleared 10 points, so I will probably try to play some cash games as well. I also played 4 $5 SnG's and cashed in two, with a first and a second. The play there is horrendous. The first one I played, I went all-in with AT on a ten high flop and got called by a guy with KJ and a backdoor flushdraw that I had counterfeited b/c my AT was of his suit. Unfortunately he caught a Jack, but WOW. What a dumbass play on the first hand. This site has goldmine written all over it. I'm up $30 on the first night, plus the $10 instant bonus and I'm looking good on there. I'm not sure when the bonus is cashable, but I'm sure it will be once I earn the points that I plan to get anyway.

Finally, I want to talk about $1/$2 for a second, because I've been getting pretty frustrated with it lately. I've played almost 4800 hands of 1/2 and I'm only winning 1.85 BB/100. I've analyzed my stats to look for leaks and I think I'm just having a little bit of a downswing, after all I did beat Party $.5/$1 for 4.38 BB/100 over my last 8700 hands, so I probably deserve not to start 1/2 on an upswing. I still plan to play at least 5k more hands and re-assess. However, if I have $800, and I'm at 2 BB/100 or better after 10k hands of 1/2 I'm going to take my shot at 2/4 and see if the game is any better. I've found 1/2 considerably tighter and more aggressive than $.5/$1 with more good players, but some of that could be poor table selection. The best thing is that 2/4 has no six-max tables, so all of the fish should be on my tables, instead of flocking to six-max which I don't currently play. One of my goals is to become a good shorthanded player, and I'm hoping that my next couple books and some practice will help with that, but right now I see no reason to play a game in which I feel like a fish out of water. I'll stick with full tables in limit hold'em for a while longer.

Current Bankroll Figures:
Bodog: $140
FullTilt: $168.46
Party: $618.52
Total: $926.98


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