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Friday, September 30, 2005

Thursday Night was Poker Night

I played in several tourneys tonight and only cashed in one, not even coming close to covering my buy-ins. I played the FCP Tourney on FullTilt and played ok, but went out in 7th when my AJ sucked out on JJ only to be resucked by the case Jack at the river. I then played the FullTilt $24+2 guarantee and lost that. I also tried the 40k on Party did went out in 33o or so, after fighting my way back from an early shortstack, and playing a good tourney until I made two overplays with A6, the second one sending me to the rail when I got all-in against KQ and lost to a straight. I went deep in the FullTilt 1 am $5.50 tourney, but only cashed for $14.50 or so going out 11th, when I had AJ in the small blind, the big stack raised from the button and I pushed. He called with AQ and it was bye bye Joe.

I had a good night on Party $1/$2 though finally, with my draws hitting and my good hands getting paid off and I finished the night up about $80 or so playing that. I've now played a little over 5k hands of 1/2 and I'm back up over 2 BB/100, so I'm pretty happy about that. I also did a little more work on my Bodog bonus. I'm up to 100 points now, just 100 more to the bonus, and having cleared 50 in 3 days is pretty solid. I figure I should be able to get it in within a couple of weeks, and even though tonight was slightly down on there, I'm still up about $35 overall on that site and it seems to have definite goldmine potential, especially in the SnG's. Unfortunately, I hate the interface and probably won't play on there much once I clear my bonus. At least it has the sportsbook to keep me hooked.

Bankroll Figures:
Party: $683.77
FullTilt: $152.17
Bodog: $145.35
Total: $981.29


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