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Friday, November 18, 2005

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

I had my biggest score ever tonight. After losing about $80 on FullTilt last night mostly on shortstack NL and some SnGs, then losing $130 on Party playing 2/4 today, I played a $10+1 MTT on FullTilt. 299 players started and I played a tremendous tourney. Things didn't start off very well, and I was down to around 1000 pretty early, but I fought back and started building my stack. I worked my way to the final table playing great poker and managed to go into the Final Table with the chip lead, only sucking out twice in the entire tourney, once at the final table and once early on. The early hand was one where I picked up 99 in MP and raised about 3x the BB. A loose and active player called and we saw a flop of Kxx, I bet out about half the pot and he raised the minimum...I'd seen him make a raise like this with as little as 2nd pair, so I decided to call him and see what developed on the turn. The turn was the beautiful 3rd 9 and I managed to milk another 1800 chips out of his KT. I ended up sucking out to win the hand, but really I mainly won a coinflip and I only called the raise because I knew he may not have to have the King to make that play.

At the final table I got sucked out on a couple of times in key hands, but managed to fight back and had a key suckout of my own when it mattered. After losing my chiplead when I called an all-in with TT and lost to 22, I ended up getting all-in with KJ against KQ. I hit my Jack, doubled up and never looked back. I really felt like I deserved that suckout, after I'd been sucked out on in at least two key pots at the final table. I finally got it heads-up against the one of the most annoying player I've ever played. He kept moving in and sucked out on me once when he moved in with QJ on a flop of KQx and I called with a K. He hit his Jack on the turn and I fell behind. Then, I managed to double up with A8s against A5s and I once again had the chiplead. After several more minutes of frustrating heads-up play, I found an AK in the BB, he limped in and I bet the pot, as he had been doing a lot, he played right into my hands and moved all-in, I called and he flipped over KQs and I was inches from victory. Then, the flop came Txx, but the turn was a Q and my stomach and my heart dropped, then the river came a beautiful magical Jack and it was all over. I'd made an Ace-high straight to win it.

The victory was worth $747.50, by far the biggest single score of my poker career. I feel like I played a very good tournament the whole way and never really made any major mistakes. One thing that I think may have helped me is that I stayed focused on winning, or at least finishing in the top 3-4, the entire tournament. I glanced at the pay scale once at the very beginning of the tournament, then I didn't look at it the rest of the way and I just stayed focused on playing my best poker and trying my best to win. I think that focus was what helped me the most. I'll definitely have to take some of this money out now and buy good Christmas presents for everybody.

Party: $1407.83
FullTilt: 934.02
Total: $2341.85


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