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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Live Poker and a Final Table

Yesterday I went to the boat to play poker and watch football. I started out at a 3/6 table for a few minutes before they finally opened 6/12 (my normal game). I ended up playing 6/12 for 6 hours and ending up +$180 on the day. I see-sawed a bit, stuck some after the first hour or 2, then came roaring back when I hit a couple decent hands and at one point I was up more than $400. Unfortunately I came back down to earth a little bit and when JJ and QQ lost consecutive pots I felt myself starting to steam just a little bit. So, I played one more round, didn't see a playable hand and stood up and cashed out $200 profit, $20 from the 3/6 game and $180 from the 6/12. I'd say I ran about average on the day, I didn't pick up a lot of great hands and I made a few 2nd best hands that I had to pay off. I did flop one set, and made a couple of flushes and KK held up in a pretty large pot, but other than that I can't really remember where the money came from. Like I said, I think I ran pretty average.

It really amazes me how easy it is for a good player to make money in these live games and how many bad players there are. Yesterday, I started telling myself I was the best LHE player in Cincinnati and I really think it may be true. I've never played with anybody in a live LHE game that I think is better than me. There's only one guy who I think could be better and I've never actually played with him so I'm not sure. This guy is actually a law student at UC (where I went before dropping out) and everytime I see him at the 10/20 game at Argosy he has a mountain of chips in front of him. He's also always wearing a PartyPoker or FullTilt hat, so I'd say he probably knows what he's doing, but like I said I've never played with him so I don't know if he's better than me or not. I tell myself that I'm the best in Cincinnati, not to be an egomaniac, but for a couple of legitimate reasons. One, self-confidence is incredibly important in poker and I'm the kind of person that tends to need positive reinforcement, so I think it's good to give myself that reinforcemnt and two, I do it to keep myself in check. If I start thinking about making a foolish play or playing like a donkey I can remind myself that that's beneath me, I'm the best LHE player in Cinci and I need to act like it.

In online news, I played 3 tourneys tonight. The Midnight Madness on Tilt, in which I never got anything going and finally busted late in the first hour when I got my 1k in chips in the middle and lost a hand I can even remember; the 1:20 am $22 on Party in which I lost 1200 chips on like the 2nd hand when I got KK in the SB, re-raised and EP raiser who called, then CBet the flop of AQx and had to fold to his all-in. From there I couldn't really get anything going and busted when I pushed 44 from the BB against a button raise and the button ended up with 77. I also played a Stars 180-man $22 that went much better. I flopped a couple sets and made a couple good hands early and was cruising in the middle of the 2nd hour when I made a couple of ill-timed bluffs and ended up back at about 3k, then on semi-tilt I pushed all-in against an EP raise with 44 on the button...EP insta-called with JJ and I spiked a 4 and never looked back. In hindsight, it was a really stupid play and I deserved to lose, but sometimes in poker you do stupid shit and get rewarded, just like sometimes you do the right thing and get fucked. Anyway, from there I played well and ran pretty well all the way to the final table which I went into 3rd in chips. Unfortunately, I went very card dead at the Final Table. I lost about 1/3 of my stack on the first hand when my AKs lost to QQ and from there I just never got any real cards and ended up busting 7th when my 99 ran into TT. I made 100 bucks for my efforts, so it wasn't a waste or anything, but it sure did suck to be that card dead at the Final Table and not be able to do anything.

All in all though, I'm pretty happy with poker at the moment. I'm playing sparingly and and when I feel like it and my results are pretty decent.


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