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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Party Poker Hates Me

Just played 3 SnGs on Party. Pretty card dead the whole time. Saw one pair of Tens and a couple pairs of 6's. Those were about the best starting hands I had. I had AK a few times and managed to win a showdown with it a grand total of once. I busted out of the first when I raised with AK, the CL called me raised then lead out into a flop of T32 for the minimum...I decided to donk off my stack and pushed in. Of course he called with his A2s for a flopped pair of deuces which held up. Ghey.

Second SnG I get shortstacked, guy in EP minraises to 200, super-shorty moves in for like 540 total and I shove for about 1040 with AKs, EP of course insta-calls with his A9o, flops a pair of 9's and it's GG me and the shorty who had 88. To add insult to injury, EP says "sorry, dude" after the hand is over. WTF?! He made 3 big mistakes in that hand. The first was playing a garbage hand like A9o in EP, the 2nd was min-raising with it, and the 3rd was calling a raise and a re-raise with it. Yeah, he should be sorry that he sucks so much at life.

Third Sng; I decide to chase my losses in the 2 $11's I've just played and play a $22. I build my chips up a bit, but the table's too tight for a Turbo and the blinds start getting huge, 300/600 with 6 or 7 people left. I open shove for like 3300 with AKo, of course I get called by 99 which holds up. Wonderful, awesome... I can't win a race OR a hand where I'm the favorite. Only AK I won with was earlier in the same SnG when my AKs held up against a shorties KTs in a pretty small pot.

Whole session was sick. I feel like that site has it in for me. Blah, just venting.


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