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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

About Effing Time

So, I've been running terrible in MTTs for like 2 months now, unable to so much as cash in anything. Tonight, jumped in a $5.50 45-man SnG on FullTilt, not really expecting a lot, but I figured maybe I could get something going since it was only 45 players with 6 cashing. I finally fucking cashed, in fact, I won. I got lucky early on after losing several small pots, I got my shortstack in with A8 in the BB against the SB's min-raise...he had AA, but I managed to make a straight and doubled through. After that, I played well and ran well. I don't think I got my money in bad once after the one major suckout and I managed to pull out the win for like 86 bucks. Huge for my confidence even if it was a very small MTT, it was still nice to cash in something other than a one-table SnG.

In other news, I went down to Biloxi last weekend and got in a nice long session of 4/8 LHE. I feel like I played pretty well overall, though I did make a few mistakes here and there. I won some really nice pots, but also lost a few bad ones against a really bad donkey who I couldn't figure out. Overall, I did ok finishing up $18, which isn't much, but I'll take it over a loss. I did have one hand at the end that I kind of regret. I was up $54, it was late and the game was like 5 or 6 handed. I limped in with Kd3d in MP and the flop came AK3, I bet and got called by the BB, turn was a blank, he checked, I bet and he called. On the river a 7 came off, the BB checked and I had this feeling like I should check behind, but I got greedy and bet, he raised, I made the crying call and he showed K7. In hindsight, I feel like I shouldn't have played the hand at all, and at worse probably could have saved myself 2 bets on the river. Either way, it was 3 am (which I'd earlier designated as my cutoff time), I was tired and I realized I wasn't going to play right after that hand, so I walked with my $18 in profit.

The other big hand that I missed value one was when I picked up AA fairly early in the session, one guy raised into me, I re-raised, dude behind me called, original raiser 4-bet, I capped and both called (actually, I think there was a fourth guy in there for 5 bets too). I bet and got two calls on both the flop of QQx with 2 spades and the turn T, then the river came an offsuit 2 and the pre-flop raiser/4-better grabbed at his chips like he was gonna bet, then checked. I should have known that this was a classic tell that he didn't want me to bet it, but for some dumb reason I checked. The funny thing is that when the deuce came off, I was certain I was still ahead, then the guy grabbed at his chips and it confused me into the check. I missed a bet against his KK (which he would have had to have called with) and it really bugged me. I putting it in here so that I never forget that hand.

Things are good for me in poker tonight though. I had a decent live session and I look forward to having the opportunity to play more live LHE in the next few months. I won that 45-man SnG for 86 bucks and my online roll is up to $299. I'm feeling pretty good at the moment.


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