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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Variance SUCKS!

Tonight I lost $48 (48BB at $.5/$1) 3-tabling on Party for about 2.5 hours. The session started off bad and just continued to get worse and worse. I may not have played my best the whole time, but I also know that I hit the downside of variance pretty hard. I should have known things were going to be bad when the very first hand I was dealt on the very first table I sat down at I was dealt AA after posting in the CO, There was a raise in front of me, I re-raised and I believe it was capped, with 4 to the flop. The flop come down J9x rainbow, I believe, not well co-ordinated, and no obvious draws to beat my Aces, I bet out get a couple of callers, the turn is seeming blank, I bet out and am raised, I call and check/call down, only to find that my Aces have been cracked by a J9o, that cold-called the original raise and stuck around to see a capped flop...OUCH. I lost 7 BB on that hand and things never got better, I would say that you could find that hand in the dictionary under bad beat, but I have an even better one.

Later on in my session after I'm already down at least 30 or so, I pick up JJ and raise it before the flop, the pot ends up being capped and I believe we have 4 to the flop. As we go to the flop, I realize that I think one of my opponents probably has AA, from the way he bet it (he limped in from EP, then re-raised my raise), so I'm ready to let my hand go if I don't hit my set and he shows continued strength. but, I get my gin flop, 8J4 2 diamonds. I've flopped my set and successfully cracked Aces (or so I thought). EP leads out and I raise, I think we may have capped it with one other guy (probably on a draw of some sort) coming along for the ride. Then, the turn brings the Ace of diamonds and my stomach drops, this card helps both logical holdings for someone staying around in this hand and if my read of EP for AA is correct he now has my set of Jacks beaten. The pot is too big to fold, so I check/call down for 2 more BB and see the bad news. You could say it's not a really bad beat because the Aces held up in the end, but the way it played out was truly terrible for me, and pretty much summed up my whole night.

On the bright side, I did win earn like $3 playing on FullTilt, I played one 18 player SnG that I finished 4th in for $9, and 2 9 player SnG's and finished 3rd in one of them, tand lost the other when I flopped TPTK with AdKd and lost to a KJ that hit a J on the turn. Oh well, at least I felt like I played pretty well in my FT tourneys tonight and I'm up to $90 on there, with another $6 bonus soon to be released. I feel like I've started to get my SnG game back and I'm really starting to understand NL Tourney strategy a lot better thanks to HOH. Dan Harrington is the man.

Current Bankroll: somewhere around $380 total, I overestimated last time on here, but this is pretty close.


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