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Friday, September 16, 2005

Movin' on up

I've finally started incorporating some $1/$2 into my ring game play. I now have almost 9k hands at $.5/$1 in PokerTracker and I'm beating the game for well over 4BB/100. With as much as I played before the hands that PT has, I'd estimate I've played around 15k $.5/$1 hands, with my BB/100 probably being in the same general area I'm seeing in PT right now. With nothing left to conquer at $.5/$1 I've decided it's time to make the jump. While I don't have the requisite 300BB bankroll, I don't think that it's completely necessary. After tonight, I have over 250BB and I played $.5/$1 to help cover bills for a few weeks this summer on only 100BB, so I'd say I should be able to survive as long as I don't get unlucky. I think that the 300BB rule is great for playing higher levels and you should have at least that much (as well as some money saved up) if you're going to play professionally. However, I think while I'm building bankroll I can afford to loosen up the requirements a little bit. So, here is my bankroll building plan going forward.

I will move up when I have at least 200BB for the next level and I have logged at least 10K hands beating the previous level for at least 2.5BB/100. If I drop 100BB at any level, I will drop down and grind back up. So, for each level the numbers and target months should be approximately as follows:

$1/$2: $400+; start playing now and log at least 10k hands.
$2/$4: $1000 or so; Would like to be there by the first of the year.
$3/$6: $1500 or so: Would like to be there by about the end of March give or take...provided of course I've logged 10k hands at $2/$4 first.
$5/$10: more than $2000 to take a shot, $2500 before making the permanent move. Ideally I'd like to be here at the beginning of the summer. This probably isn't likely, but I definitely think that I can and should be here by the end of the summer.

Once again, I plan to log at least 10k hands at each level and not move up unless and until I have a winrate of at least 2.5BB/100 for that level.

I haven't mentioned my FullTilt account on here, because I plan to keep that separate, using it to play Tourneys and hopefully start cashing significantly in a few.


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