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Friday, September 16, 2005

My roller coaster poker night

A week or so ago I decided that I was sick and tired of grinding $5 SnGs on FullTilt, so I took some of my money to a NL table and started gambling a little bit, and so far it has paid off. By gambling, I basically just mean pushing hard with solid hands pre-flop. I've been buying in to the $.25/$.50 NL game with about 20 bucks at a time, then getting it up over $40 before cashing out. I've managed to do this a couple of times and also done well in a couple of $10 SnGs and I had the bankroll up to about $200 on there this afternoon. Then, I decided to try playing in the FCP FullTilt Tourney tonight, which would have been fine except that my power went out, so I bought in but didn't get to play. I then played in the 1 am $5.50 MTT, but never really could get anything started and busted out in the middle stages when I pushed in with ATs and got called and sucked out on by KQ. I then proceeded to take $20 to the NL table in an effort to get it back, and I did...I had it up to almost $60, however instead of doing the smart thing and just cashing it out, I got greedy and proceeded to donk all of it back and ended up losing the full $20. So, I took a bath of almost $40 on FullTilt today and my current bankroll on there is now down to about $165.

Then, on Party tonight I ran into the same power outage problem when I bought into the $20+2 40k guaranteed MTT, but didn't really get to play in it. I managed to log in about an hour and a half late, and I had 355 chips left and was sitting in the small blind. I had J9 of hearts and there was one limper, so I decided to push right here, with possible fold equity and two live suited cards. Unfortunately, I got called by both the limper and the BB, and ended up losing to a Q-high. I then lost $6 in a multi-table SnG and decided to use the FullTilt plan on a $.25/$50 NL table in an effort to earn it all back. This was a roaring success, as I ended up cashing out about $135 from that table, making more than $100 from my $20 buy-in. So, I ended the night with $533 in my Party account up $87 on the day.

So, totals for the night:
FullTilt: -$37; current bankroll $165.95
Party: +87; current bankroll $532.99

Total Online Bankroll: $698.94

I'm finally higher than I've ever been before. My previous high was just north of $600 when I was playing almost exclusively SnGs.


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