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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Friday Nights Rule!

I had a little bit of a tough night on FullTilt tonight. I entered a $24+2 satellite to tomorrows WPT Foxwoods satellite and I busted out around the middle stages. I couldn't seem to get much of anything going the whole tournament and finally busted out when I was shortstacked and pushed with an A7 after it was folded to me in the SB, the BB woke up with 99 and I was done. I then played the 1 am $5.50 tournament, and again couldn't seem to get a whole lot going. I had my stack around average thought when I picked up AK in late position, it was raised in front of me, and I pushed hindsight, maybe not the best decision...a big stack behind me called and the original raiser called. The big stack showed QQ and the original raiser had TT, a Ten came on the flop and I was done in that too. I also played some NL cash and I think I lost a little on the day, but not a whole lot...after clearing another $6.35 of my bonus, my balance on there is now $129.15. Since I've cleared about $25 of my bonus and I deposited $63.50, I'm only up about $40 on that site. I think if I can ever get it up high, I'll probably take at least some to Bodog to get the PSO bonus and pick up a couple more books.

I had a much better night on Party. I started the day with $532.99 in my account and I played exclusively $1/$2 today. I had a huge night 3 and 4 tabling, winning $146.88, which is approximately 73 big bets in about 1000 hands. I know 7BB/100 is unsustainable, but I don't think it's all positive variance, I think that the game is more beatable on Friday nights, so while I will give some of that back over the long run, I probably won't give all of it back in variance. I do think that to an extent variance may be somewhat controllable, or at least its effects can. If you're having a bad session, you should probably stop, in order to keep yourself from going on tilt and losing more. On the flip side, you can also control when you play to some extent, for instance, I like to play on Friday nights, and also Saturday nights to a lesser degree, because I think the games are softer then. I don't think you can discount the softness of the games helping out your bankroll and variance. Anyhow, after tonights session I now have almost 2300 hands at $1/$2 in my Pokertracker database, with a win rate of 5BB/100. While this is unsustainable over the very long run, I think that if I continue to play at the right times and don't get too unlucky, I can probably beat the game for at least 3-4BB/100 over the 10k total hands that I intend to put in and if I do that I should have a solid amount when I decide to level up to $2/$4. Running some quick numbers, if I can beat the game for 3BB/100 over the next 8k hands, I should make about $480, which would give me a bankroll of $1100, well within my plan for moving up. So, I think the only thing I need to do is put in the hands.

Total Bankroll figures:
FullTilt: $129.15
Party: $679.87
Total: $809.02

I now officially have the highest online bankroll I've ever had.


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