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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Worst Poker Day Ever...

I played 3 MTT's on FullTilt today, and didn't make it past the first half hour in any of them. In the first, I went out on a ridiculous beat after donking off some chips early. Then in the second, I doubled through after my 87 flopped a straight from the small blind. I was feeling good, and I raised with JJ and got one called. The flop came down 332 and I put the guy all-in, and he called me with A2...of course a deuce came on the river, dropping me down to 1390 in chips. Not in dire straights, because it was still early, but definitely not doing well. A few hands after I got moved to another table, I raised with KdQc and got called by the BB. The flop came 7c6c5c, giving me no pair, but two overcards and a flush draw. The BB bet and I moved all-in and he called me with Js8s for an OESD, however his OESD was only a 6 outer, plus he had to live non-spade Jacks, but even if he hit his hand on the turn I had massive redraws, so I felt pretty good....after all, I was a 70/30 or better favorite, just like I was when the money went in on the JJ hand. Well, of course, a 9 came on the turn and I didn't improve and was done.

So, after losing $37 in FullTilt tourneys and donking off some more in a cash game, I decided to play some $1/$2 on Party. I couldn't seem to get anything to go right there either and ground for almost 500 hands to end up down less than $10, but still down. After taking a break I decided to take on more shot at a tourney and played in the 6 pm $5k guarantee on FullTilt. I picked up TT and re-raised a raiser, he pushed and I called even though I knew it was a mistake. Sure enough, he had QQ and I was in trouble. However, when the flop came AKT I thought maybe it was finally my turn. Of course, the river brought a Jack though and once again I was done. Then...I was up about double my buy-in on the $.50 NL table, when I picked up AA and got two people all-in for about $15 apiece on a flop of KQx, one showed KT and the other QT, putting me way ahead...until of course the turn brought a T, for a big loss. I just can't seem to win anything today and it's really, really pissing me off.


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