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I will never be a poker pro, but my lifetime poker ledger is positive and I think that's something to be proud of.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Pinch Pinch

Didn't get much poker in today. Didn't play $1/$2 on Party at all. I did however play some FullTilt tonight, pretty successfully. I played $.5/$1 limit for a little while and basically broke even, cashing from the table up $1. I also played $.25/$.50 NL and made about $26 and I won a $10 SnG for a net of $34. All in all, a pretty good night. I felt really well about the way I played in the SnG and I feel like I deserved the win, and I don't always feel that way after I win a SnG. I really played almost perfectly. I made one mistake heads-up and sucked out, then managed to close the deal afterwards, and while I don't always like it when I suck out, I think you have to sometimes in Tournament poker. Basically, on the hand that I sucked out on, I was heads-up and down a little less than 2-1 in chips, I picked up the Krablar in the BB and the chip-leader raised. He'd been raising alot and playing aggressively since we got down to 5-handed and I'd had one hand earlier where a big re-raise had gotten him to fold, when I had AT in one of the blinds. So, I decided to re-raise all-in, mostly figuring that I had fold equity and and if he called with something like an Ace, I wouldn't be a huge dog. Unfortunately, he had about the worst hand for me in that spot and called me with KQ. I caught a three on the flop though got a massive chip lead and managed to close the deal a few hands later. Even though I sucked out, I feel good about the way I played the hand and the way I played the tourney overall.

Bankroll numbers:
FullTilt: $197.10
Party: $679.87
Total: $876.97


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