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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm on Tilt !! Full Tilt !!

Tonight I played 3 $10 SnG's. I placed 2nd in the first one, went out in 5th or so in the second one...just couldn't get anything going; then in the 3rd, I played pretty well and got all-in against the chipleader with AA when I was 2nd in chips, but he had JJ and caught a Jack on the flop to beat me...which really sucked, but I guess that's poker and I have to live with it. I also played a $4.40 sattelite token SnG and won that, so that makes me a little happier. While I was playing my first SnG's I bought into a $0.50/$1 NL table for $40 and lost it all when a guy sucked out on me. All in all, it was a night of tough beats, tho I'm currently working on trying to recoup a little on the $.25/$.50 NL table. I'm up about $19 at the moment, but I did just take a $10 bad beat, when I had to split a pot when K8 sucked out on my KT. Maybe that's a sign that I should just quit for the night.

Yesterday, I played about 500 hands of $1/$2 on Party and couldn't get anything going at all. I was stuck as much as $70 at one point in the session, but I managed to recoup some and only ended up down about 15 BB, or $30 bucks. I'm still at 3+ BB/100 with almost 3K hands at $1/$2, so I'm pretty ok with my performance there. I think I will probably be able to continue to be a winning $1/$2 player long-term.

Finally, I think I've decided that as soon as I have $300 on FullTilt and have cleared my bonus, I'm going to take $100 to Bodog thru PSO so I can get a couple more book sand maybe bet on some football too. I hear on FCP that Bodog is pretty beatable so hopefully that will go well. And, as I write all this, I'm now up a total of $54 on the NL table, been playing shorthanded and doing really well.
I should stop now, but I don't want to. The table just went from heads-up to 4-handed. Alright, I'll give myself a max of 10 more minutes.
Alright, just stood up with $114.35, bought in for $20, so that's +$94.35 for that table. I should play more shorthanded NL. I tend to do quite well at it.

Current Bankroll:
Party: $649.86
FullTilt: $260.80
Total: $910.66


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