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Monday, November 21, 2005

I Suck at Poker....or do I?

In about 2 days of limit play at 2/4 and 1/2 this week I went from $1538 on Party to $1302. After losing a couple of tournaments, I currently have about $1282 and I believe I'm going to be taking a little bit of a break from limit hold'em in order to study. So far in my poker career I've crushed .5/1 and beaten 1/2 for 2 BB/100, both of these have come over the course of over 10k hands and I've made solid money doing it. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for my performances at the 2/4 level. I've now played approximately 6k hands and I'm down almost $100 or about 25BB. Now, some of this is due to variance, I don't think I'm really winning my share of multiway pots, which I think I'm still playing fairly well, and I'm winning a much lower percentage of the time and lower BB/100 with AA than I have at the other levels. That said, I know it can't all be varaince. I don't think I'm playing optimally and in some ways I feel like I've lost my game.

I realized yesterday that I've learned a lot from books, but most of it centers around what hands to play pre-flop. My postflop play is still rather suspect. I've learned some things about it from books and strategy threads, but I don't think I'm always putting those concepts into action at the tables. Instead, I think I tend to play by instinct and react, which is not all bad, but I think I need to spend some more time studying and trying to learn. In particular, I need to study, then learn shorthanded play. I think I'm going to study everything I can get my hands on and then play a ton of shorthanded before I hit up the 2/4 tables again. I realized that I think I'm still playing ok in the multiway pots that I'm used to seeing at the lower levels like .5/1, but that I'm losing most of my money in shorthanded pots. At 2/4, even with decent table selection, there is still a higher percentage of pots that are contested heads-up or 3-way than there are at the lower levels. I think it's in these pots that I'm losing most of my money. I'm not saying that I'm necessarily getting "outplayed" either, but I don't think I'm playing as well as I can in these pots and if you couple that with just a little bit of bad variance it can become costly.

So, the new plan will be to finish my re-read of SSHE and finish Theory of Poker. Then I'm going to read HPFAP and the limit section of SS2 along with all of the shorthanded online information that I have at my disposal. Then, it will be time to head to the 1/2 shorthanded talbes and establish myself as a winning player there. At that point, I will finally take and over-rolled bankroll back to 2/4 and I still believe that with a lot of study and a lot of play I can get myself to 5/10 by the end of 2006 at the latest. Of course, the things in my life other than poker, could make it difficult for me to get all of this studying in in the near future, but I still hope to be back out on the tables crushing shorthanded games by mid to late December.

In bankroll news, I want to get a record on here of my total withdrawals thus far in my poker career. After taking out $175 yesterday to buy Christmas presents, I've now withdrawn a total of $610 in my online poker career. Not too shabby for a $100 investment.

Party: $1282.58
FullTilt: $819.02
Total: 2101.60


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