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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good News and Bad News

Well, the good news is that I cashed in 2 Donkaments tonight. That makes me like 3 for my last 4 with multi-tables. Unfortunately, I cashed 16 in a $3.30 for like $9 and 11th in an $8.80 180-man for like $23. I also played like 4 SnG's and won 1, but failed to cash in the other three. So, on the night I won a couple bucks, but missed a really nice score.

I'm not happy with the way I went out in the $8.80. I was 8 out of 13 with about 25K and blinds at 800/160 with like a 150 ante. It folded around to the SB who about about 32K and he raised and I folded some trash hand in the BB, then the very next hand, he raised on the button to 4800 and I had A8o and decided to try to "re-steal." I raised to 12K leaving myself just under 12K in my stack. He put me all-in and I followed my plan and folded, assuming I was beat. Then, the next hand I picked up Qd6d on the button and shoved to "try to steal the blinds." That ended up being a bad deal and I got called by the micro stack SB with A5 and the BB who had just slightly less than me and like AT, of course I didn't suck out. So, I got all-in with JTo the next hand and beat A2 when a Jack came, but the hand after that I picked up AJs and got my last 4K in only to lose to KK. All in all, I feel like I kind of imploded. My play with the A8 wasn't that bad, but I should have been much more patient after that. I still had like 8bb and thought it was 6-handed, I had enough time to be a bit patient and not do dumb stuff like shoving Q6s.

In the other tournament things were going great. I'd had to really grind to make the money at all as I just wasn't picking up much in the way of hands. But, once I got in the money I won some key pots and had really chipped up. I was sitting like 6/16 when disaster struck. I watched an EP player limp, then re-raise an LP raise all-in with just AJo, fortunately for him, the other guy had KQo and the AJ made a straight. Then the next hand, AJ guy was UTG and I picked up AQo on the button, but UTG made it 10K to go and I only had 41K and chose not to gamble. Next hand, I get QQ and AJ guy is the BB. Of course, I make a standard raise to 3x (which is 6K at this point) and BB moves all-in obviously insta-call due to my cards and what I'd seen him do previously...of course, this time he found AA and I'm just sitting there staring at my monitor in stunned disbelief for like 3 minutes.

Anyway, this seems to be the story of my poker life as I have a tendency to get deep in tourneys, but fail to make a decent score. I'll still take it over my run of like 30 MTTs where I just couldn't cash. I still have more money right now than I did a week or two ago, so I'm cool with things for the time being.

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