Life Shouldn't Be A Fuckin' Grind

I will never be a poker pro, but my lifetime poker ledger is positive and I think that's something to be proud of.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good News and Bad News

Well, the good news is that I cashed in 2 Donkaments tonight. That makes me like 3 for my last 4 with multi-tables. Unfortunately, I cashed 16 in a $3.30 for like $9 and 11th in an $8.80 180-man for like $23. I also played like 4 SnG's and won 1, but failed to cash in the other three. So, on the night I won a couple bucks, but missed a really nice score.

I'm not happy with the way I went out in the $8.80. I was 8 out of 13 with about 25K and blinds at 800/160 with like a 150 ante. It folded around to the SB who about about 32K and he raised and I folded some trash hand in the BB, then the very next hand, he raised on the button to 4800 and I had A8o and decided to try to "re-steal." I raised to 12K leaving myself just under 12K in my stack. He put me all-in and I followed my plan and folded, assuming I was beat. Then, the next hand I picked up Qd6d on the button and shoved to "try to steal the blinds." That ended up being a bad deal and I got called by the micro stack SB with A5 and the BB who had just slightly less than me and like AT, of course I didn't suck out. So, I got all-in with JTo the next hand and beat A2 when a Jack came, but the hand after that I picked up AJs and got my last 4K in only to lose to KK. All in all, I feel like I kind of imploded. My play with the A8 wasn't that bad, but I should have been much more patient after that. I still had like 8bb and thought it was 6-handed, I had enough time to be a bit patient and not do dumb stuff like shoving Q6s.

In the other tournament things were going great. I'd had to really grind to make the money at all as I just wasn't picking up much in the way of hands. But, once I got in the money I won some key pots and had really chipped up. I was sitting like 6/16 when disaster struck. I watched an EP player limp, then re-raise an LP raise all-in with just AJo, fortunately for him, the other guy had KQo and the AJ made a straight. Then the next hand, AJ guy was UTG and I picked up AQo on the button, but UTG made it 10K to go and I only had 41K and chose not to gamble. Next hand, I get QQ and AJ guy is the BB. Of course, I make a standard raise to 3x (which is 6K at this point) and BB moves all-in obviously insta-call due to my cards and what I'd seen him do previously...of course, this time he found AA and I'm just sitting there staring at my monitor in stunned disbelief for like 3 minutes.

Anyway, this seems to be the story of my poker life as I have a tendency to get deep in tourneys, but fail to make a decent score. I'll still take it over my run of like 30 MTTs where I just couldn't cash. I still have more money right now than I did a week or two ago, so I'm cool with things for the time being.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm pretty much ecstatic about poker right now. It was just a week and a half ago that I was bitching in here about a bad session and dropping below the $200 mark. Now, I have over $300. I mixed in a $10+1 SnG today and played very well to grind out a win. Even though I lost both $5.50 I played at the same time and dropped almost 20BB at .25/.50 6-max, I still won over 20 bucks on the session. I'm loving my poker life right now and feeling really good about my SnG game. Not as much about 6-max LHE, but overall I still feel great. I can't remember the last time I was over $300.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

About Effing Time

So, I've been running terrible in MTTs for like 2 months now, unable to so much as cash in anything. Tonight, jumped in a $5.50 45-man SnG on FullTilt, not really expecting a lot, but I figured maybe I could get something going since it was only 45 players with 6 cashing. I finally fucking cashed, in fact, I won. I got lucky early on after losing several small pots, I got my shortstack in with A8 in the BB against the SB's min-raise...he had AA, but I managed to make a straight and doubled through. After that, I played well and ran well. I don't think I got my money in bad once after the one major suckout and I managed to pull out the win for like 86 bucks. Huge for my confidence even if it was a very small MTT, it was still nice to cash in something other than a one-table SnG.

In other news, I went down to Biloxi last weekend and got in a nice long session of 4/8 LHE. I feel like I played pretty well overall, though I did make a few mistakes here and there. I won some really nice pots, but also lost a few bad ones against a really bad donkey who I couldn't figure out. Overall, I did ok finishing up $18, which isn't much, but I'll take it over a loss. I did have one hand at the end that I kind of regret. I was up $54, it was late and the game was like 5 or 6 handed. I limped in with Kd3d in MP and the flop came AK3, I bet and got called by the BB, turn was a blank, he checked, I bet and he called. On the river a 7 came off, the BB checked and I had this feeling like I should check behind, but I got greedy and bet, he raised, I made the crying call and he showed K7. In hindsight, I feel like I shouldn't have played the hand at all, and at worse probably could have saved myself 2 bets on the river. Either way, it was 3 am (which I'd earlier designated as my cutoff time), I was tired and I realized I wasn't going to play right after that hand, so I walked with my $18 in profit.

The other big hand that I missed value one was when I picked up AA fairly early in the session, one guy raised into me, I re-raised, dude behind me called, original raiser 4-bet, I capped and both called (actually, I think there was a fourth guy in there for 5 bets too). I bet and got two calls on both the flop of QQx with 2 spades and the turn T, then the river came an offsuit 2 and the pre-flop raiser/4-better grabbed at his chips like he was gonna bet, then checked. I should have known that this was a classic tell that he didn't want me to bet it, but for some dumb reason I checked. The funny thing is that when the deuce came off, I was certain I was still ahead, then the guy grabbed at his chips and it confused me into the check. I missed a bet against his KK (which he would have had to have called with) and it really bugged me. I putting it in here so that I never forget that hand.

Things are good for me in poker tonight though. I had a decent live session and I look forward to having the opportunity to play more live LHE in the next few months. I won that 45-man SnG for 86 bucks and my online roll is up to $299. I'm feeling pretty good at the moment.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SnG Star

Apparently I'm becoming something of a SnG star. In my last 8 $5.50's I have 5 cashes, with 2 wins, 1 second and 2 thirds. I cashed three tonight with a first, a second and a third. Which was actually a bit disappointing because I had my opponent down to like 1500 chips or something in the one I finished 2nd in, but couldn't get the knockout blow. It started when he won a 63o vs. A4 race and then I think I lost two more bad beats and eventually he won. Still, things are going well in SnG's right now, so maybe I'll move to those pretty much exclusively for a while. I'm back up over $200 again, so that's kinda nice too.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Bit of a Rally

Since my last post was detailing a really shitty session, I figured I should post about a solid one I had today, in order to balance things out a bit. I played a shortish session tonight that included two $5.50's (staggered a bit) and two tables of .25/.50 SH for about 250 hands. On the SHLHE, I ran kinda ok, won over 50% of my showdowns, but may have played a few too many hands or something. I only won like 11 BB...which is ok, just not quite as good as I feel like I would have liked to. In the SnG's, I found some good cards at opportune times and managed to take down and a 1st and a 3rd. In the first one, I got HU against and okay player with a chiplead of about 8500 to 4500. Eventually, I found JJ on the button and raised, he shoved with 99 and my hand held. So, that was kinda nice. In the other, it was 3-handed and I was the shortstack. The donkeyish SB called and I checked the BB with T4s, flop came AA7, and it we both checked. The turn was a T and he bet into me...I decided he wouldn't have limped an Ace and checked trips so I shover, of course he had A5o and it was GG me, but I'm okay with the result. I was short and needed to make a move.

Overall, it was a nice little session. I think I won like $26 which is less than half of what I lost yesterday, but I'll take the rally and hope that I can have a few more like it in the coming days.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Brutal Day of Poker

I don't know why I continue to torture myself like this. Today was just fucking brutal. I ran into AA countless times, capped all three streets with KK on a AKx flop only to have the villain show me AA, lost three SnGs in a pretty sick manner and just had an all around brutal day. I back down to ~$163 in my account and I will be stuck grinding at the lowest of levels for a while. I'm going to be playing only .25/.50 limit and $5.50 SnGs until I reach $250 or more again. It really sucks, I bought back into FullTilt on October 11, since then I've gotten as high as $600 then slid all the way back down to $160 now. Without rakeback, I'd probably be broke on that original $100 right now. I haven't taken unneccessary risks this time or taken ridiculous shots. I don't feel like I've gone on monkey tilt much, I've just been on an absolutely brutal run since about the last week of November. I don't remember the last time I cashed in an MTT either. Last night I played several of those, didn't feel like I did anything stupid really, but couldn't manage to cash once. All part of the crazy bad run I just can't seem to pull out of.

So, today...
Today was fucking sick. I played 3 $5.50 SnGs and bubbled two and lost the other. In the first I got shortstacked when my AKs lost to AQs, and couldn't fight back. In the second I bubbled, I think after running into AA with my KJ after the guy with AA had re-raised me a couple of times in a row. In the third, I made a semi-stupid play losing with 66 against JJ in a spot where I probably should have folded, though the villain had re-raised my open raise twice in a row and I felt like I was probably flipping a coin. Then I fought my shortstack along the bubble for a while and with blinds of 100/200 and about 770 remaining in my stack after the flop, I got to see a free flop with 23o. The flop came 456 and of course I got all in against K4 and lost when the turn came a 6 and the river a 4. Sooo fucking gross.

While all that was going on, I managed to put in 570 hands of LHE and lose 48 BB, unfortunately, the majority of those (36) were at the more expensive .5/1 Full Ring table. This was capped by my final hand were I picked up 55 UTG, two players in MP had posted so I limped in. We saw the flop something like 6 ways and it came T53 rainbow, I led out and was called by a couple of people. The turn came a deuce and I led out again and was called by both posters and I think one or two others. The river was a K making no flushes possible and I led out again. This time, one poster raised and the other re-raised. I didn't think that K had beaten me, so I decided to cap (probably dumb) and of course they both called and both had 46 for the straight which they'd slowplayed on the turn. FUCKING GROSS.

All in all, it was a very sickening day. I'm officially pulling my hat from the .5/1 FRLHE ring. I'm sure that game can be beaten, but from what I've seen over the last couple of months, my game isn't very conducive to beating it. It seems that I only win small pots and lose big ones. Any time a decent amount of money goes into a pot, I'm beat and any time I have a hand strong enough to win everybody folds. So, I'm going to concentrate on .25/.50 6-max and hope that I can work my way up from there. Oh well, it's just online poker. I'm not playing it to make money, I'm playing for fun and to improve my game. I have a good paying job and I soon I should be able to play live more often.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Generic Update

I had very sporadic internet access over Christmas break, so I didn't play much online poker during that period. On Monday, I arrived at Maxwell AFB in Alabama for a six week TDY. I've been way busier this week than I expected to be, so I haven't really played any poker. Finally got on tonight for a while and I've run kinda crappily.

As I was writing this post, I finally flopped my first set in over 500 hands of play on the night. I played a $5.50 MTT, but couldn't get anything going. I actually stayed in for almost two hours before busting 72nd with 45 players cashing, but I was never really in it. I chipped up a bit here and there early on, but couldn't get any big pairs or flop anything really big. I played pretty carefully and conservatively after the flop in the early stages and it's possible that that could have cost me a bit as well. In the later stages, I got pretty shortstacked and card dead, but stayed patient and finally shoved my last 1600 or so at 150/300/25 with KQ and was lucky enough to be called by some monkey with JTs and win that race. So, I doubled up, but still had less than half of the average stack with only like 4k in chips. I picked up 88 in the SB, two people limped, the CO (who barely had me covered) raised to like 1800 and I decided to gamble and try to build a stack that I could make a run with instead of being content to try to limp into the money. Even though I can't remember the last time I've cashed in a tourney, I still felt it was best to play it this way. I shoved my 88 in what I thought was very likely to be a coinflip situation. The original raiser actually thought for a bit before calling me with his AQs and of course he won the race. That's the way it's been for me in tournaments for like 2 months now, but oh well. I feel like I played pretty well overall, just couldn't catch any breaks at the right times.

In LHE, I feel like I played OK over like 430 hands (two tables of .5/1 FR and one .25/.50 6max). I lost like 18 BB on one .5/1, won like 9 BB on the other and won a few bets on the .25/.50 table. Sadly, I never really got much in the way of big hands on my .5/1 tables. I think I made like one flush and all my big pairs and my only set came on the .25/.50 table. I do still feel like I played pretty decent and I didn't tilt at all (which I'm pretty proud of). I lost like 10 bucks or so on the night, but that's poker. I only wish I had more time to play.

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