Life Shouldn't Be A Fuckin' Grind

I will never be a poker pro, but my lifetime poker ledger is positive and I think that's something to be proud of.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Another 3/6 Success Story

Took another trip out to Chumash Casino last night, another 5 hour 3/6 session, a $120 win...ho hum.

In all seriousness though, last night was pretty sweet. I played pretty well most of the way and caught some cards at some pretty opportune times. Early on I actually flopped a straight flush with Qd8d on a JdTd9d board and managed to make some money on it when the 3d came on the river. I played a lot of pocket pairs and missed pretty much every single one of them in the early stages. I had KK once and ran into AA, and didn't get any other big pairs. I actually lost most my rack before I started winning. With just like $24 left, we had a kill pot, so it was 4/8. I picked up JTs and the flop came KQx with two of my suit. The turn was a 9 and the river a spade giving me both a straight and a flush (not a straight flush though). I actually put my last 8 bucks in on the river and won a big pot to get back to $79. I never looked back from there and ended up the night up $120 after hitting a nice run where I flopped a couple of sets and made some straights and flushes.

So, in two 3/6 sessions at Chumash, I'm killing the game for $350 in ten hours. I have my Bengals hat back, I have my confidence back and I feel like I'm on top of the world. Small stakes LHE is actually really easy if you can run decent.